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General Questions

Delfoo is one of the first online food ordering and delivery platform in Vadodara & Surat to deliver food at your doorstep from your local favorite restaurant, just sitting at your home, office, hostel, college, hospital etc.


  • Customers are on the advantage of ordering food either online at or call us on our Food Delivery number 8000226666.
  • Having access to Delfoo, which is easy to navigate, informative and user friendly, you can access lot of information about your favorite food catered in different restaurants within the Vadodara city. You can also look out for different variety of cuisine such as Chinese, South Indian, Mughlai, Continental, Mexican, Italian, North Indian, Gujarati, Nomadic, etc through our website database. Most importantly, you have privilege to compare prices of menu of different restaurants just at your fingertips.
  • You do not have to wait in a long queue for your turn at the restaurants, also you cut down much of your time by getting your food delivered by us. The same spare time can be utilised to perform other important task or have enjoy with family and friends.
  • You can completely avoid yourself from traffic chaos!
  • Reach out to more number of restaurants just at your fingertips.
  • Ordering from multiple restaurants at a time has become easier through our unique service.
  • Tasting different cuisine at a single shot is really fun and interesting!
  • Flexibility of ordering in advance by scheduling your delivery time table.

  1. You place your order either on our website  or call us on our Food Delivery Number 8000226666.
  2. We send your order to your selected restaurant/s.
  3. The restaurant starts preparing your food
  4. We collect your food from the restaurant and deliver the food at your doorstep.
  5. Your food arrives. YUMMY!

Our delivery staff at Delfoo, takes keen interest on satisfying our customer by reaching out at every doorstoop of Vadodara city. You name a place and we deliver your happiness! Besides, we also accept orders to deliver on social events like marriage, engagement ceremony, corporate business meetings, birthday parties, friends hangout, etc. We also surprises your dear and near ones by placing an advance order with Delfoo on special events. Corporate businesses can maintain corporate account with Delfoo to avail our services to order food for their employees. We also deliver breakfast, brunch, lunch, snacks, dinners, etc.

Delfoo covers restaurants ranging from small eateries, street vendors, to multi-cuisine restaurants. We help you explore food ranging from Indian, Continental, Chinese, Italian, Japanese, Thai, Mexican, French, popular recipes of the town, famous snacks of the street vendor etc. We only include restaurant who strictly follow sanitary practices to ensure healthy, clean and fresh food to our valuable customer. We also see to that food joints comply to Food Regulation Act governed by local authority.

Placing an Order

  1. Call us on our food delivery number 8000226666 which is open to customers from 11:00 am to 11:00 pm seven days a week. Customer executive at above number will help you place an order quickly.
  2. Log onto our website


Step:1 Subscribe yourself to be the member of Delfoo (newbies). Log in by clicking on blue colored “Log In” icon on the right top of the screen.

Step:2 After log in, you may explore desired cuisine or your favorite restaurant by texting relevant keyword in the search bar provided in your “My Account” page.


Step:3 Select the food of your choice and drop in the food cart.

Step:4 Confirm your order and then order will be sent to the respective restaurant.

Step:5 You will receive email or SMS notification about your order and you can TRACK your order status in “Track My Order”.

Step:6 Make your payment to delivery staff on order arrival by any of two modes namely:

  • cash on delivery or
  • Online payment while placing an order

You can only order cuisines listed in our website. You can find list by searching in the search bar. However we have included almost every cuisine possible and still working to expand the list.

If you wish to change your order, you need to confirm with our executive on 8000226666 whether the food  has been already prepared or not. If food at restaurant has not been prepared yet, you are lucky to make changes in the order.

The ways to change the order is as follow:

Go to “My account” >> “Order History”, then  select the order to be changed and then edit the information that you want to correct and finally tap on “Reorder”.

If you want to cancel an order, you may have to confirm with our customer executive on 8000226666 whether food has been already prepared or not? If your order is being prepared at the restaurant then we are sorry to cancel your order otherwise you may do so by speaking to our customer executive.

Yes. Browse food items from different restaurants of your choice and keep droping in the food cart and finally submit your order.



Yes, you can schedule your delivery dates by choosing the food of your choice from your favorite restaurant by feeding necessary information in “My Account” what food to be had when. You can schedule your order a week (including the day on which you schedule your order) prior to your delivery date.

You get a notification on mobile via SMS and email too. Also, you could check status of your order by clicking on “Track My Order” which will show a scale of 1-100% divided in four segments each representing:

  • Processing (Your order is getting forwarded to the restaurant) (25%-Yellow)
  • Cooking (Your order is under preparation at the restaurant) (50%-Red)
  • On the way (Delfoo delivery boy has picked up your order and is towards your delivery address) (75%-Blue)
  • Delivered (Your order is delivered to you) (100%-Go Green) respectively.

Yes, you can! Once you are done with e-menu selection and drop the food items in food cart, you get an option as to save your favourite food by clicking on “Save as Favourite” against each items listed in the cart.



You can track your order status from “Track My Order”. You will be shown a color strip on a status scale. Yellow color-meaning your order has been received by restaurant.



After Placing An Order

Good News! We do not ask you to order food of any minimum value. You can customize your needs on the basis of requirements.

Allow us approximately 30 minutes time to have your food prepared at concerned restaurant. Apart from that, extra time will be taken to deliver your food from restaurant to your prefered location. With that said, time taken in whole process depends mainly on how far you are put up at from restaurant and the type and quantity of food you order.

For example, 5 Biryanis ordered  from restaurant 5kms away from your place would require 45 minutes approx to deliver at your place.

You can track your order by clicking on “Track My Order” icon provided in “My Account”. There you will be supplied with enough information on your order status.



We are open to deliver anywhere within both the cities Vadodara & Surat. Distance is not at all a constraint for us, but we charge on the basis of distance.

Well, we are not responsible for the unacceptable food, since the menu selection is done by you.

Its totally dependent on the type of the situation at unexpected time. We assure you to deliver even during heavy rain, because we are committed to satisfy our customers any time!

Yes, we re-deliver, however we do it by charging extra delivery charges (no of times we visit your place), above that we do not guarantee about serving you hot food. In such case, we suggest you to ask someone to collect your order on your behalf when delivery boy comes by.

We would replace your order with correct order or credit the remaining amount of money in your Delfoo account. In such cases, we do not charge for redelivery. For further queries related to this issue speak to our customer executive on 8000226666.

Navigating the Site

You can directly text the desired restaurant name in the general search bar provided on top of the page slightly towards right of the centre with grey colored search icon. Here is what you want!



On home page of the website, you will find a search box slightly towards middle left in front of you. You can text the desired restaurant name in that search box and can also view the list of all restaurants when you click on "View All Restaurants". You can also directly text the desired restaurant name in the general search bar provided on top of the page slightly towards right of the centre with grey colored search icon. Then access to e-menu of that particular restaurant.

You can browse restaurants by cuisines, areas and food diets. All cuisines are listed on home page of our website You can also directly text the desired cuisine name in the general search bar provided on top of the page slightly towards right of the centre with grey colored search icon. You will find a list of all restaurants serving that particular cuisine.

You can browse restaurants by areas, cuisines and food diets. All areas are listed on home page of our website You can also directly enter the particular area name in the general search bar provided on top of the page slightly towards right of the centre with grey colored search icon. Here is a list of all restaurants situated in that particular area.

You will be able to discover only restaurants that have registered with us. We are working to register almost every restaurant of your choice. We seek your patience to expand our tie-ups with majority of restaurants to bring you most exciting eating experience seamlessly!

Go to My account >> Order History >> select the order that you wish to reorder and then finally submit the order. Food arrives at your doorstep. Yummy!

Pricing and Payment

The service charge is calculated on the distance basis, If you order food from one restaurant, then charges levied will be based on distance covered from that particular restaurant to your home. In case of order from multiple restaurants, the charges will be based on total distance covered by delivery boy through multiple restaurants to your home.


You can pay by 2 different flexible modes:

Mode 1: You can pay BY CASH at the time of delivery.


Mode 2: ONLINE PAYMENT on our website while placing an order.

Yes, we accept all master/visa debit and credit cards. You can pay online while placing an order.



We see to that you do not have unwanted experience through our service. We have a tie-up with reputed carrier to make your payment fuss-free, safe and secure. We do not let out any of your credit or debit card information to unauthorised person or third party. Most importantly, you will receive an electronic receipt in your mail as well as in your mobile as soon as you make your payment.

Yes, we do not inflate unnecessary charges in our e-menu listing. The price of the food will remain same irrespective of how you order.

Generally speaking, it is customary to appreciate delivery staff with tip. However, how much to be paid is solely your wish.

Step 1: “Log In” into your Delfoo Account.

Step 2: Choose your favorite Restaurant and Place your order.

Step 3: Once you are done with your order placement click on “CheckOut” button, you will be navigated on “Order Information” page wherein you get an option showing “Use Reward Points”.

Step 4: Click on that option, you will get a box wherein you will have to choose reward points. Your existing number of reward points will be shown in the bracket next to the box.

Step 5: Write the number of reward points you want to use in the box and Press the “Apply” button. You will get the deduction in your Bill.

Managing My Account

Visit our website, In the home page hit on “Sign Up” soft button and register yourself up to avail membership benefits absolutely free.

Well, there are countless benefits when you become an online member at Delfoo. To name a few, you can avail loyalty benefits, you may get discount on frequent ordering, you might be eligible for promotions and schemes at your favorite restaurant. On top of that, you can discover popular restaurants through our site, have access to e-menu, compare prices of food offered by different food courts. You can also track your order, view your order history, get notification about your order on mail etc.

No, You don't have to be a member to search for food and restuarants. But we highly recommend our users to sign up to place the order & to take the full advantage of our services. Some of the main benefits are like, saving your recurring delivery information for faster and smooth order placing, be able to receive promotions and coupons, saving your favorite food and restaurant and many more. You can find out more at

When you try to log in yourself and failed several times, then click on “Forgotten Password”. Provide us your registered email address to recover/reset your username and password to be seen in your given e-mail.

Restaurants Related Questions

In such cases, we get notification from the restaurant staff stating that certain food is not available at that point in time. We would then try to communicate with you to fix another order or cancel the same.

Since, you have been a valuable and loyal customers to the restaurants, they would like to treat you back for your loyalty with some special discounts and offers. Different restaurants come up with varied schemes and offers which can be accessed through “Get Discounts And Offers”.

Only registered members can add their reviews. Go to “My Account”>> "Order Now", then choose the desired restaurant to write a review you want to and submit it. Moreover, email us the information that you wish to opine about a restaurant or Delfoo on


Yes, you may do it so anytime you want. Follow these steps: Go to “My Account”>>  “My Review”>> select the Riview that you wish to edit, then scribble to make some changes.

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